Israeli court sentences top model Bar Refaeli, Mum for tax evasion

Israel Top Model Bar Refaeli Sentenced In Tax Evasion Case

Bar Refaeli Sentenced to Community Service in Tax Evasion Case

She was also ordered to pay 2.5 million shekels in addition to tax arrears.

In July, an Israeli court convicted the mother-and-daughter tandem for different tax evasion cases concerning the model's almost $10 million income.

Refaeli entered the Tel Aviv courthouse in a beige T-shirt and wearing a light blue surgical face mask.

According to the Daily Mail, Refaeli's plea bargain deal includes an order to pay $1.5 million penalties on top of the taxed she owes to the state.

Refaeli's people group administration will be at an office in a Tel Aviv suburb supporting individuals with extreme physical and mental inabilities, starting on September 21, as indicated by the decision.

Still, she is still popular. Per Haaretz, the agreement aims to settle all criminal and civil charges against the supermodel, who will withdraw her tax appeals filed with the Israeli Supreme Court and the Tel Aviv District Court.

BAR REFAELI, before CORONAVIRUS, publicly says that he is'drunk' and does not reveal himself with a retreat photo. The parents have been accused of downplaying her ties with Israel.

Defence attorneys had argued that Refaeli, a papparazzi favourite during a romantic relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, did not have to declare to Israeli tax authorities worldwide income between 2009 and 2012.

Israeli tax law determines residency primarily upon whether the person spent most of the calendar year in the country. Refaeli insisted that he didn't, so he didn't have to declare income for a certain period of time.

Bar Refaeli's community sentence has been confirmed after she pleaded guilty to tax evasion. Refaeli's mum, who acted as her representative, has been charged with failure to report earnings, preventing paying taxes and helping someone else at evading tax obligations.

She was accompanied by her father Zipi and lawyers.

In a previous appeal, an Israeli court ruled that her relationship with Refaeli and DiCaprio did not fall under the "family unit", so she could not claim her U.S. residence in order not to pay the full tax owed.

Several documents proved that Zipi signed some leases for her daughter under other family members' names to mislead Refaeli's actual residency status.

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