Los Angeles Zoo Closes Due To Bad Air Quality

Smoke can be seen while on the Ferry crossing to Nanaimo

Smoke can be seen while on the Ferry crossing to Nanaimo

A smoke advisory was extended through Sunday afternoon for Riverside County due to several fires burning in the region.

Air experts on Washington's Smoke Blog say the weather system that was supposed to carry some of the smoke out of our state and improve air quality isn't doing what it was supposed to.

The Bobcat Fire, which has scorched almost 32,000 acres north of Azusa and Monrovia in the Angeles National Forest, was 6% contained Sunday.

As many of you have likely noticed, smoke forecasting at this scale isn't exactly a tried-and-true science, and even the National Weather Service (NWS) is struggling a bit to tell us, day by day, when we can expect some clean-air relief.

Vancouverites woke up to some seriously smoky skies Saturday morning.

An air quality alert is still in effect for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, but Environment and Climate Change Canada says the smoke levels are expected to drop on Monday.

By Sunday afternoon, onshore winds forecast to start around noon are expected to move most of the smoke north and northeast into the mountains and eventually out of the region, according to the AQMD.

Despite sunny conditions in the forecast, a thick blanket of smoke from the numerous wildfires now blazing south of the border officially rolled into the region Friday night, creating an ominous-looking sunset and sending the city's air quality plummeting.

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