OnePlus Buds Mistaken for 'Counterfeit AirPods' by US Customs

CBP Seizes 2,000 OnePlus Buds, Calls Them

Feds seize 'counterfeit Apple AirPods' that turn out to be OnePlus Buds

However, this instead seems to be a head-scratching error, as OnePlus is by now a well-known brand that has been selling smartphones and other products (including its Bullets earphones) in the U.S. for years.

Tonight, in what can only be described as a head-scratching moment, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), posted a story and couple of Tweets bragging they recently seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods. Except, they are genuine: Genuine OnePlus Buds.

The shipment was seized at an air cargo facility located at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in NY on August 31. The shipment, which is valued at around $158,000, was seized on its way from Hong Kong to Nevada.

And an accompanying press release lauded "the vigilance and commitment to mission success" of the officers. Border Protection's own photos (below), though small and slightly pixelated, clearly show OnePlus branding on the red-and-white packaging, as well as the distinctly shaped carrying case.

"CBP Officers are protecting the American public from various dangers on a daily basis", said Troy Miller, Director of CBP's New York Field Operations. While the press release doesn't mention OnePlus, it seems like the company is aware of the situation. I'm not sure why everyone is Tweeting this news this weekend, but I've got to assume that OnePlus has already dealt with this and taken back their product?

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