Smoke levels expected to drop

Wildfire smoke brings more haze to the Cochrane area

Canada Post suspends service in Metro Vancouver due to wildfire smoke

Canada Post halted delivery services Monday, Sept. 14 to protect its mail carriers against wildfire smoke.

Due to poor air quality, classes and events on the Moscow campus of University of Idaho have been cancelled for Monday.

Conditions in Portland were far worse early Tuesday than those in Seattle or Vancouver, British Columbia - the major cities whose air quality were the second- and third-worst globally at that point. Air quality advisories are in place across B.C.

Air quality statements have been issued for four regions of southwestern Alberta along the Rockies, but the weather office says alerts will likely expand before smoke exits that province tonight.

"Elevated smoke impacts from regional wildfire activity are expected to continue causing degradation in air quality", according to the DEQ.

However, as a dense, fog-like haze shrouds many cities, from Victoria and Vancouver east to Kelowna, Kamloops and the Kootenay area, some runners haven't been afraid to spend time outdoors.

"Our run club leaders and coaches were very good about not putting the pressure on anyone to have to come out", Thai said. She says they're concerned about the small particles in that grey smokey air, that can sneak past the human body's defense system like nasal hairs, and get deeper into the lungs. He recommends masks more suited for smoke prevention.

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