US Ambassador To SA At Centre Of Alleged Assassination Plot

Trump threatens ‘1,000 times greater’ counterattack against Iran

President Donald Trump Trump threatens ‘1,000 times greater’ counterattack against Iran

"President Trump and those of us in his national security team are re-establishing deterrence - real deterrence - against the Islamic Republic of Iran", he said in January in his speech at Stanford University's Hoover Institute.

The Iranian government is weighing a plot to assassinate the United States ambassador to South Africa, a report said yesterday.

Authorities have been aware of the threat against Lana Marks since the spring but in recent weeks intelligence reports have revealed more detailed evidence of the plans to assassinate her, Politico reported, citing two government sources.

There is escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran since the USA withdrew from a nuclear deal reached with multiple countries.

It's unclear why the Iranian government would target Ms Marks, a 66-year-old businesswoman who took over the posting in October last year.

The ambassador, Lana Marks, is a maker of pricey designer handbags and a longtime friend of President Donald Trump.

On Sunday, the USA news outlet Politico asserted that Tehran may retaliate following January's killing of a top Iranian general by targeting American ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks. U.S. government officials told Politico that intelligence reports show the Iranian government is weighing a plot to assassinate her.

Tensions between Iran and the U.S. have been at an all-time high for months, as U.S. officials have kept up a campaign of pressure against the Iranian government by rolling back sanctions previously relaxed under the U.S. -Iran nuclear agreement, signed under the Obama administration, which the Trump administration announced plans to exit in 2018.

The intelligence community has notified Marks of a "credible threat" against her life under a directive known as "Duty to Warn", the outlet reported.

The drone assassination of Soleimani was intended as a deterrent to Iranian aggression, the USA state department asserted.

The two countries have since stepped up tit-for-tat attacks on military sites inside Iraq.

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