YouTube’s answer to TikTok is coming to India soon

YouTube Announces TikTok Copycat ‘YouTube Shorts’ for 15-Second Videos

YouTube Shorts Hopes to Compete with TikTok’s Fame

Moreover, if you there's any doubt that this is exactly another TikTok copy, the new "watch experience" will let you swipe vertically to discover other similar short videos, bridging the last gap that was left between YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube Shorts made its debut as TikTok pursues a partnership with Oracle that it hopes will spare it from being shut-down in the United States by President Donald Trump. With TikTok banned in India, this was an obvious move, and as the app faces challenges in the US, YouTube could be expected to bring Shorts there next.

Shorts videos will be 15 seconds or less and will allow users to use a new, multi-segment camera to stitch multiple clips together as well as the option to record video with music from a selection of songs, similar to how users can create TikTok videos.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday confirmed a bid from Oracle concerning TikTok's American operations after the video-sharing app's parent ByteDance rejected a proposal from Microsoft. Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube has announced that it is going to soon launch its own TikTok-like service - called Shorts - in India in a beta stage. The beta version will include just a few handful of features, more feature will be added to the public or stable version.

Mr Jaffe said Shorts would be expanded to other markets as the product becomes more refined and new features were added.

Jaffe noted that Shorts will be modified based on user feedback before being made more broadly available. TikTok is popular among users in their teens and twenties, but authorities in the US and India are moving to ban the app as they increasingly see it as a security threat.

Much like TikTok, YouTube Shorts is specially designed for capturing short videos shot in portrait mode. The YouTube Short videos will appear on the home screen of YouTube.

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