Analogue retro experts making a new TurboGrafx and PC motor console

Analogue Duo a sleek retro console for Turbo Grafx and PC Engine games

Analogue Duo All-in-One NEC System Will Launch in 2021

The Duo can read any media produced for original TurboGrafx systems, including those that require the Arcade RAM add-on, as well as the few titles that took advantage of the more-powerful hardware in the "SuperGrafx" console, which flopped in Japan and didn't see a USA release.

The Analogue Duo, based on the design of the NEC TurboDuo, will be available in black or white sometime in 2021. The All-in-one system is capable of playing almost every NEC system and game formate including TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD. Analogue has yet to produce a machine that's compatible with a "fifth-generation" console; the nature of FPGA programming means that, the more complex the hardware, the more hard it is to replicate. It will be out next year for $US200 ($283) and like previous Analogue consoles, quantities will be limited.

Analogue, the makers of high-end retro consoles, have announced their latest vehicle for nostalgia: The Duo. Unlike emulators, Analgoue's systems can play retro games directly from the source and can usually upres the games for modern TVs. The Duo sports both a cartridge slot and CD-ROM drive, allowing you to play all your classic NEC games regardless of whether they come on cart or CD.

One of the highlights of the Duo gaming console is that it supports Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz connectivity. It also sports a controller port, letting owners use original controllers and accessories with the Duo. Because of the way the FPGA chip works and performs, the image quality is sharp, clear and accurate.

Analogue Duo All-in-One NEC System Will Launch in 2021

With this new add-on, users can play TurboGrafx 16, SuperGrafx and PC Engine games on their pocket devices, so you can take full advantage of the sweet 3.5-inch display with 1600 × 1440 pixels.

As with Analogue's past creations, the new Analogue Duo is powered by an Altera Cyclone V FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) which is a customisable chip programmed to function exactly like the processors and graphic chips in the original TurboGrafx-16.

As a bonus, Analogue also announced a new adapter for Analogue Pocket which supports TurboGrafx-16 cartridges. Most mini consoles rely on software emulation, but Analogue's approach ensures that every single game ever released for a given console plays perfectly on the replicated hardware - and sometimes even better.

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