Chainsmokers Hamptons Concert Promoter Slapped With $20,000 Fine

Andrew Taggart

Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers performs at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia Maryland

NY will fine a concert promoter $20,000 for an event over the summer in the Hamptons featuring The Chainsmokers.

"The Chainsmokers concert promoter is charged today with violating an executive order and Section 16 of the Public Health Law", the governor said.

In the Know Experience was slapped with the fine, with Cuomo calling the Water Mill event an "egregious violation of the critical public health measures we have had in place since the beginning of the pandemic". New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, tweeted his disgust for the lack of safety precaution taken for this event and promised that there would be an investigation claiming that "there will be no tolerance for illegal and reckless endangerment of public health".

In the Know Experiences, the production company was thrust into the spotlight when footage of the July 25th event swept across social media, showing large crowds of attendees at the Hamptons show not practicing social distancing or wearing masks. "We did everything in our power to enforce New York's social distancing guidelines and collaborated with all state and local health officials to keep everyone safe", it continued. The crowd of 2,150 people at the show was above the maximum allowed by a permit for the event.

Promoters said in their application that they would take numerous steps to guard against spread of the virus, but didn't follow through, according to Cuomo's office.

In addition to the fines, the state penalized the Town of Southampton - where the concert was held - by removing its ability to approve permits for future events without the state's approval. In July, The Chainsmokers hosted one of New York State's first drive-in raves in a town called Southampton in Long Island. If they do not, enforcement is always an option.

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