David Crosby regrets Eddie Van Halen 'meh' comment

David Crosby Eddie Van Halen

Image The Carolina Theatre Flickr Ethan Miller Getty Images via ABC

Rocker David Crosby forgot Eddie Van Halen had died when he responded to a fan's tweet about the guitar great and sparked a storm of protest from the Jump star's fans.

American singer Kelly Clarkson took a moment to remember the late music legend Eddie Van Halen while most of the evening at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards was spent honoring today's brightest stars.

In a new interview with BBC Radio 1, Queen's legendary guitarist Brian May talked on Eddie Van Halen's sudden passing and paid his tribute to him by saying "there hadn't been anything so shocking since Jimi Hendrix". I don't know. Alex I think is an incredibly underrated drummer in the shadow of his younger brother, and I think he deserves far more credit than he gets.

"Sure, you Van Halen followers, I did simply toss off a solution that was not cool", Crosby tweeted Tuesday about his tone-deaf reply.

Sources say that in the last 72 hours, Eddie's ongoing battle with throat cancer went downhill and Doctors discovered that his throat cancer has moved to his brain and other organs in his final days.

The tribute was one of many on the night as the Billboard Awards did a roll call of musical talent to have passed away over the previous year - among them Kenny Rogers, Little Richard and Helen Reddy.

Eddie still continued to live his life to the fullest following his diagnosis, still attending concert and rehearsing music with his song, Wolfgang, who joined Van Halen as their bassist in 2016.

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