Dexter showrunner reveals Showtime revival details: setting, cast, canon

Breaking News! OFFICIAL: Dexter Returns For Season 9 / 10-Episode Limited Series in 2021!

'Dexter' Boss Reveals More Details About the Upcoming Revival!

It was announced this week that it will be making its comeback and Variety reported that the cable channel ordered 10 episodes and its production is set to start in 2021.

It also stands to reason that Dexter will have an antagonist killer this new season, as he will face a rival killer that he is trying to hunt down in nearly all seasons.

Hall was riveting and infectious as Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department, who's also a serial killer who curbs his thirst for blood by killer other serial killers who've escaped justice from the law. "As this breakthrough show helped put our network on the map many years ago we would only revisit this unique character if we could find a creative take that was truly worthy of the brilliant, original series". Seven years after the finale, Dexter's return is now official! It honestly felt like season 2 when Dexter's victims were first spotted and the walls seem to be getting closer to him, more like a final season, and I've always found it freakish that the series would end with the show on Dexter never was and the public deal with his crimes.

The ending was defended by showrunner Scott Buck at the time, who told Entertainment Weekly: "Even if I don't write an episode, I'm still in charge".

It's finally happening, people!

Hall later sympathized with the fans in 2014, while offering a diplomatic justification for his character's journey. So this choice was made to remedy that ending that really made everyone discuss. Sometimes I wish he'd offed himself, wish he'd died, wish Deb had shot him in that train compartment - of course, that would have made an eighth season hard to do'.

Dexter finished in 2013, however, the eighth season remains one of the most decisive among fans, with many not happy about how it ended. It would seem the entire show wasn't a dream, per se, but a vision of Dexter's life flashing before his eyes in those, the last few seconds of his own life. I don't think I even watched it", adding: "I thought it was narratively satisfying - but it was not so savoury.... The plot or storyline is being kept under wraps as well but fans may be hearing more details from Showtime soon.

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