Metra grain cleaner is a versatile machine


Metra grain cleaner machine is an innovative product of the Metra Group. The grain cleaner works on the basis of aerodynamic principles. The grain cleaner separates the sourcing material from the impurities based on the relative density.


All types of crops are processed by the Metra Group’s Grain Cleaners. Both heavy and light impurities are removed by the grain cleaning machine. The grains are sorted out by the machine in an exemplary way. Ggrains are also graded also by the machine and uniform seeds are produced. Due to this machine cleaner, the yield of the crops is increased to 30%.

Grain Cleaner Advantages

The main advantage of the grain cleaner is separating two different crops having a different density. It also separates the crops into fractions thereby making the value of each crop number one in the market. The cleaners' efficiency is massive and hence the purity is topnotch to the separated crops. The price of the machine is the best in the market when compared to other products. The machine does not have to be cleaned and hence maintenance charge is zero. The cleaner has no moving parts or screening. The Metra grain cleaner has multifunctional skills for the customers.

The unique feature of the machine is that there is no grain damage. The machine is light and compact and easy to us byfor the customers. The primary and secondary cleaning of crops is done by the same machine. Due to its perfect cleaning functions, the sowing efficiency and germination optimization features are improved for the farmer. A continuous cleaning function is carried out by the machine and there is no need to change sieves. Above all, the machine only consumes a little bit of electricity for the cleaning operations and hence the farmer need not worry about the electricity bill.

Advanced technological features

The Metra grain cleaner works efficiently separating the diseased grains. The grains affected by parasites are also separated by the grain cleaner in an exemplary way. The machine works in a meticulous way by separating fungus affected grains, too. The cleaner does its work even if the grains chaff. These special features of the cleaning machine entice many farmers to buy it.

Rental of the cleaning machine

The farmers or any customers who want the Metra grain cleaner can rent the machine. Due to this feature, the customer can operate the machine based on their own schedule. The rent for the machine is offeredto the customers starting from $250. Afarmer can use different grain cleaning machines they desire, due to the availability of different sizes and different capacity machines. The Metra Color Sorter machine is another milestone for the company.


Customers who would like this farm machine can contact the officials at: 1 800 272 2045. There are many models of grain cleaner machines available at the store to meet different customer requirement. Technical advice is given by the shop specialist on request.

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