NASA, Nokia Partner For 4G LTE Communication On The Moon

NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

NASA taps Nokia to bring LTE to the Moon

All of us yearn for that extra bar on our phones when we are watching movies or doing anything that is data-heavy. We run around our homes for that ideal sweet spot of abundant network.

Nokia has been in the news for its network technology lately.

Yes, NASA seems to be doing such a thing.

If you happen to visit the moon at any point, you may be able to Tweet pictures from there and you should thank Nokia So. Nokia's project is mainly about creating a 4G cellular communication network on the moon, as part of a series of new contracts NASA is awarding for lunar surface research missions. This seemingly sad tip may bring in a lot of social media cred! The cellular service will allow astronauts, rovers, lunar landers, and habitats to communicate with one another according to Jim Reuter, the Associate Administrator for NASA's Space. To note, the funding adds to United States dollars 370 million for the Artemis funding, which the premier space agency announced recently.

"The system could support communication on the lunar surface over greater distances and higher speeds and offer greater reliability than the current standards", the announcement also says. The company is aiming to provide a very strong, reliable connection over the moon, and this is a far-sighted goal to achieve for the benefit of people when habiting the moon will become a reality.

"We need power systems that can last a long time on the surface of the moon, and we need habitation capability on the surface", Bridenstine added.

Nokia's research arm, Bell Labs, provided more details in a Twitter thread.

This isn't Nokia's first attempt to bring LTE to the Moon. Altogether, $370 million is being granted to organizations like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance with the objective of making the moon a spot that space explorers will need to call home by 2028. The company intends for the network to support wireless operation of lunar rovers and navigation, as well as streaming video.

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