PS5 voice chat report functionality detailed

Sony updates PS Remote Play on Android to support the PlayStation 5

PS5 voice chat report functionality detailed

Sony, however, is yet to announce the final availability dates for the console. "We will share an update on launch date for India as more information becomes available", Sony said in its media release.

Users have been expressing concern about a notification that party voice chats on PlayStation 5 may be recorded.

As is usually the case, the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition cost more in India due to factors like import duty. The PS5 will cost Rs 49,990 while the PS5 Digital Edition will cost Rs 39,990 in India.

Sony has also announced the pricing of the new console accessories and peripherals. The company has also revealed the price of DualSense controller in India.

In addition to the accessories, the company also revealed how much the Indian customers will have to pay for the debuting titles of the PlayStation 5. The two sides of the console are white in colour and the interiors are all black. The two consoles look nearly the same when it comes to colour and design. As part of this initiative, we've been preparing to roll out a new feature on the PlayStation 5 console that enables gamers to report verbal harassment through a new Voice Chat reporting function.

Not only is PlayStation 5 pretty hard to pre-order right now, as everyone seems to want it, but just the video of the UI breakdown is still trending on YouTube.

One of the highlights pointed out in the blog is a new Control Center, which provides gamers with immediate access to nearly everything they might need from the system at the single press of the PlayStation button on the DualSense wireless controller.

Some functionalities that were available on the PS4 console may not be available on PS5 consoles. The app shows you the console's display output and gives you touch buttons so you can play right from your phone (or, if you have a controller in hand, you can use that too). He noted that moderation is a common problem throughout the gaming industry.

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