Renault adds to electric auto range with sportier model

Renault: The new Dacia Spring - the cheapest electric car in Europe - will be available for order in spring 2021

Renault M�gane eVision sporty EV concept revealed

So, how much is it then? Dacia is adapting electric mobility to its philosophy of offering a contemporary auto that meets essential needs: The Spring is a small, spacious, robust electric vehicle offered at an unbeatable price. For reference, the K-ZE is priced at 61,800 yuan in China (after incentives), or about RM38,185. The drive is on the front axle, and the curb weight amounts to just 1,650 kg (3,637 lbs).

Launch edition versions get an orange colour pack to mark them out, which brightens some accents and trim pieces. Folding the rear bench seat frees up 600 litres of luggage space.

For weight optimisation reasons, this version does not have a spare wheel.

There's also quite a fair bit of standard safety features too, including a speed limiter, ABS, ESP, EBD, six airbags, an SOS button, automatic headlight activation and automatic emergency braking (operational from seven to 170 km/h). Users can use their phones to unlock the auto and for geolocation, while this version is quite well-equipped with smartphone mirroring, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera. This also applies to the Media Nav multimedia system, which consists of a seven-inch touchscreen and offers DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support as well as voice recognition.

The battery in this particular case is a 60kWh pack powering a front-mounted electric motor with the whole system developing 160kW of power and 300Nm of torque, enough to theoretically launch the auto from 0-100km/h in "under eight seconds".

In Europe, the average daily driving distance is 31km in the city auto segment. It will support charging at 6.6kW (about average for a domestic wall box) while faster 30kW DC charging is an optional extra.

Dacia offers an eight-year/120,000-km battery warranty with the EV, along with a three-year/100,000-km factory warranty.

The Dacia Spring Electric isn't going to, pardon the pun, electrify the EV market, but it might practically address the need for more electric auto options at more affordable prices.

Because the Spring Electric is likely to be used predominantly in built-up areas, Dacia will sell versions specifically aimed at business buyers and car-share schemes.

The first auto sharing editions will be available in white and light grey, this version will come with black PET seats (in stain-resistant artificial leather), front door and boot sills, front and rear floor mats, black grained handles and mirrors for greater durability and 14-inch Flexwheel wheels.

The Cargo features a boot that extends where the back seat is usually located, with a plastic lining on the floor.

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