Russian spacecraft with an American and two Russian cosmonauts reaches ISS

Soyuz MS-17 crew launches on 'ultrafast' two-orbit flight to space station

NASA astronaut reaches space station after 'fast-track' journey

They have begun a two-orbit, three-hour flight to reach the International Space Station and join the Expedition 63 crew. It's just unbelievable to see such a enormous machine built entirely by humans and flying off the surface of The Earth is still in space after 20 years.

The team that just arrived will take over the ISS from the Expedition 63 astronauts, Cassidy, Anatoli Ivanishin, and Ivan Vagner, who are due to leave the Station later this month. "With the capture of their space capsule confirmed at 4:48 am ET, @NASA_Astronauts Kate Rubins and cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov have docked with the @Space_Station", NASA said in a tweet.

Mission 64, led by Ryzhikov, will complement three people until the launch of SpaceX's Crew-1 mission with four astronauts.

The Roscosmos cosmonaut also said that additional supplies of oxygen were usually supplied by Progress cargo spacecraft.

In November, Rubins, Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov are expected to greet NASA's SpaceX first operational Crew Dragon mission, which is bringing NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi to the space station aboard the Crew Dragon vehicle.

The American segment of the space station has its own oxygen generation system.

The launch also co-incided with Kathleen Rubins' birthday.

Rubins will also be in orbit for the US election and will vote in space for the second time. It follows a successful Demo-2 mission earlier this year.

Typically, there's a bit of a delay between when astronauts launch from Earth to the International Space Station, and when they actually dock with the orbital lab. "This approach (mixed crew flights) will ensure delivery of the crew to the station, should a problem with the partner spacecraft occur".

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