SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Takes on Trump's and Biden's Dueling Town Halls

Chip Somodevilla  Getty Images

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

Right before "Saturday Night Live" launched into this week's cold open, which obviously focused on President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's "dueling" town halls on Thursday, the show informed the audience that one event was far more ripe for comedy than the other. The Oct. 17 episode of SNL used the snafu as comedic fodder: "One town hall was a thoughtful, cogent discussion of the issues facing our country".

In the meantime, he called President Trump "a man of integrity" who loves America. "What can we say, we have a type", he said, with pictures of Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer - who have been accused of rape - appearing alongside Trump's.

However, the comment was laughed about on social media as majority of the opinion polls have shown that Donald Trump is trailing behind the "worst candidate" in majority of the states. Jim Carrey kept up his portrayal of Biden as, well, old, with him entering the room and doing a "dance for the kids on TikTok".

The skit featured a return of last week's characters Joe Biden and Donald Trump during their town halls with Guthrie moderating Trump's forum and George Stephanopoulos moderating Biden's, with the camera cutting back and forth between the two scenes. Biden exclaimed. "This is going to be exciting, George". I've given everybody in the audience a glass of warm milk and a blanket.

"I'd like to start by tearing you a new one", she said before asking about white supremacy and criticizing his Twitter habits: "You're not just someone's insane uncle". "Because I only nod that much when a waiter asks if I'll be having mimosas at brunch", Rudolph's Harris said.

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