StarCraft 2 development ends ten years after original launch

Blizzard is exiting Star Craft 2 development to focus on balance and

Blizzard brings an end to a decade of development on StarCraft II

As such, Blizzard will stop developing new "additional for-purchase content", instead shifting to the same model they used with StarCraft: Brood War. In the post, Blizzard announced that the game is effectively going into maintenance mode.

"This year we celebrated 10 years of StarCraft II with one of our largest-ever patches, with massive updates to the editor, Prestige Talents for Co-op Commanders, and gameplay improvements delivered to players worldwide".

Seeing the end of StarCraft 2 development may be bittersweet for fans of the game, but fret not.

The real-time strategy game will continue to receive season rolls and balance fixes for the competitive community, but for-purchase content such as Commanders and War Chests will be ending.

Blizzard is exiting Star Craft 2 development to focus on balance and

Blizzard goes on to say that it's not planning on releasing another update this year, as it did one a few months ago.

It has been five years since Blizzard released its last major expansion, Legacy of the Void, for StarCraft II.

Introduced mere moments in the past, Blizzard has confirmed that they are going to stop energetic growth on new content material for StarCraft II, leaving some questioning what's going to occur to the decade-old RTS title.

"We know some of our players have been looking forward to some things we're moving away from", said Bridenbecker, "but the good news is that this change won't give us the opportunity to think about what's next only in relation to". The future of competitive StarCraft II in esports will continue through partnerships with ESL Gaming and GSL. The StarCraft universe is vast and full of potential, and there is still plenty to come as long as there is no peace in space. The result of each game is 100% in your hands. Three years in the past, Blizzard launched your complete Wings of Liberty marketing campaign free-to-play on their Battle.web launcher.

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