'The Crown' Season 4 introduces Emma Corrin as Lady Diana

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Everything We Know About The Upcoming Season Of The Crown

The teaser shows Emma Corin, having an uncanny resemblance with Princess Diana of Wales, with the famous tousled hair style, and Prince Charles, played by John O'Connor, going through courtship, a lengthy public wedding and a spectacular separation in the backdrop of the Kensington palace.

Fans Will get to see Prince Charles getting married to Diana Spencer. The Crown is a historical drama television series that primarily focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The trailer shows Emma Corrin playing the character of the late Princess Diana.

Chronicler Robert Lacey in Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, pointed out that Charles produced the comment to Diana's bro, Charles, 9th Earl Spencer, in the times in between the little princess's fatality and also her funeral service. Charles used to date Camilla Shand (later known as Parker Bowler).

You'll be able to watch the entire collection of documentaries on Princess Diana, as well as films on everything from the young royals and the story of the Sussexes to life under the Victorian monarchy.

"Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made: a prince and princess on their wedding day", Runcie says who also made a memorable prayer in the 1981 wedding of the couple. However, unfortunately, Princess Diana passed away in a auto accident and then many criminal conspiracy theories came up regarding her death. As time went by, the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip also kept on breaking. The main objective of the season is to show everyone that leading a royal life is not a fairytale but constant pressure from the society. People all over the world have praised the show for every aspect such as acting, direction, storyline relevance, and more. You can check out The Crown season 4 teaser below. Soon, everyone got hooked to the story as it was something never seen before about the royal family. The royal family is a topic that the people always talk about. There will also be some new faces who will appear in the next season.

Ahead of the hotly anticipated next instalment, Netflix released its first full-length trailer for season four earlier this week, featuring an extended look at Emma Corrin's debut as Princess Diana.

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