Traffic flows between England and Wales on first day of travel ban

Peaks such as Y Garn in Gwynedd will be out of bounds to visitors from high-risk areas

Peaks such as Y Garn in Gwynedd will be out of bounds to visitors from high-risk areas

This is to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other parts of Wales and the UK.

It is set to apply to all residents from areas in Tier Two and Three lockdowns - now more than 30million people - as well as the central belt of Scotland, and the whole of Northern Ireland.

The First Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed that new regulations to stop people travelling from Covid-19 hotspots into Wales will come in 6pm Friday despite the UK Government's opposition.

However hard it may be to enforce, the sad truth is that these measures are beginning to look necessary once more; at a press conference earlier today, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford revealed that the nation's caseload has reached 100 per 100,000 people.

"We intend to focus our activity on areas and behaviours that pose the greatest risk to our communities and we will be proactive in targeting those that are not sticking to the gathering rules, whether that be indoors or outdoors".

"Much of Wales is now subject to local restrictions, which mean people living in these local health protection areas are not able to travel beyond their county boundaries without a reasonable excuse".

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Harrison said: "As we move into a critical stage of the virus progression, policing across Wales will continue to support the Welsh Government to help limit the spread of the virus".

'At the same time, we think Wales benefits from the great insurance policy that is the United Kingdom'.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for Boris Johnson and Wales' first minister to reach agreement on travel restrictions.

He told viewers: "I am genuinely baffled by the Prime Minister's unwillingness to take an action, which I think is very simple and straightforward - and which would have reinforced the sense of acting together across the UK".

"The prime minister says to me he's issued guidance".

However, the idea of border restrictions has already been derided as impractical and anti-English by critics. The Police Federation of England and Wales has expressed concerns that the ban is "unenforceable", with police forces already stretched and the situation changing quickly across the country.

He pointed out this morning that while the government has said people should not leave a Covid hotspot, as guidance the measure is not enforceable by the police.

He said that the police will be conducting extra patrols on main roads to enforce the travel ban in the devolved nation, and added that the police will be able to issue fixed penalty notices for those found to be in breach of the rules.

There are now 18 exemptions for crossing the border, published on the Welsh Government's website.

It will also affect those living in areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland with a high prevalence of Covid-19.

Obtaining or depositing money with a business, accessing care for children or vulnerable adults, carrying out voluntary or charity work, and training as an elite athlete will also allow a person to cross into the country.

Sir Keir added: "The prime minister just needs to be clear that people shouldn't travel from high infection rate areas into areas in Wales where there aren't those high infection rates".

"The demand on North Wales Police has returned to pre-Covid level".

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