Wetter Than Usual Winter Predicted

NOAA's Winter Outlook favors a warmer than average season across Mid-State

NOAA releases winter outlook for Michigan; more snowfall expected

Will this winter be any different?

NOAA released its seasonal outlook for winter 2020 on Thursday, which considers the winter season from December through February.

Boosted by human-caused climate change, global temperatures averaged 15.97 Celsius last month, edging out 2015 and 2016 for the hottest September in 141 years of recordkeeping, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday.

NOAA'S Winter forecast favors a warmer season across the southern United States likely due to an ongoing La Nina.

"Forecasters at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center ... are also closely monitoring persistent drought during the winter months ahead, with more than 45% of the continental USA now experiencing drought", NOAA said. In terms of whether precipitation will be higher or lower than normal, it's a toss-up.

The potential for another warmer-than-average winter is being driven by the presence of La Niña, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon stationed in the Pacific Ocean that alters weather patterns worldwide.

Experts predict that the state will see a wetter than usual winter. The 14 smallest minimum annual extents have occurred in the last 14 years.

AccuWeather says the polar vortex - bands of frigid Arctic air swirling around the North Pole - is expected to remain "locked in place" for much of the winter.

There is a 40% to 50% chance of cooler than normal temperatures across the northern part of the Northwest, and relatively milder temperatures stretching into the middle of OR and Idaho.

During the entire winter previous year, the average amount of snow that fell across New Jersey was only 4.7 inches, which was more than 19 inches below normal, according to the office of State Climatologist David Robinson at Rutgers University.

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