Who Went Home on 'Big Brother' 2020? Week 10 Spoilers Revealed!

Big Brother 22 All-Stars

Christmas Abbot top and Memphis Garrett have been nominated by Head of Household Nicole Franzel for eviction on"Big Brother 22 All-Stars

When is "Big Brother" on? But if she is not going to use her veto, it will be Enzo or Cody to make that happen. Memphis on the other hand is confident that the Wise Guys will be there next week; Cody and Enzo will keep him around.

According to Nicole, it will be the better if Memphis Garrett is convicted this week. There are only two people voting this week, if it is a tie, Nicole will have to break it and she doesn't want to do that. Also, Christmas Abbott as well as Memphis Garrett are now placed on the block. Players are eliminated when they can't make any more moves, until one person is left standing.

Meanwhile, Cody knows what Memphis is saying is nonsense, since Memphis is the one that wanted to back door, Cody. It might be possible that she may not risk Cody, so it ultimately comes on Christmas and Cody to decide who stays in the game. She put Christmas and Memphis up for eviction - but the veto competition tonight could change everything. He tells the jury members that Cody has an alliance with everyone. "This could get very interesting", Cody says in the Diary Room, teasing us with the idea that something could actually be interesting this season. But then the jurors get sweet video messages from their loved ones back home, and now we're all sobbing. Memphis takes it well, as he is leaving Enzo calls him a beast.

In his interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Memphis admits he was "definitely" blindsided by his eviction, though he seems to understand that he was perceived as a big threat in competitions.

Cody said in a confessional at the end of the previous episode that he doesn't plan on going along with Nicole's plan and will do whatever he thinks will help him in the long-run. The battle for HoH will begin shortly, but a former houseguest has some news about the competition. Kaysar congratulates and tells them that they will be playing Knight Moves, one of his favorite competitions. Nicole had a recent clean sweep week of an HOH and veto win, and as a former victor, she can always argue she conned everyone into dragging her to the end.

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