All in the Family: Lara Trump Reportedly Eyeing 2022 Senatorial Bid

All in the Family: Lara Trump Reportedly Eyeing 2022 Senatorial Bid

Trump's daughter-in-law considering Senate run, says US media

Lara Trump is married to Donald's second eldest son, Eric.

Even as her husband and in-laws continue to try to subvert the results of the 2020 Election, which has been called for Joe Biden by every news outlet, Lara Trump has apparently been speaking to several Trump allies about making a run for office in her home state of North Carolina in 2022. It just came as a surprise when persons who are close to Lara shared that she is also considering a Senate seat in 2022.

"I've had a number of people talk about running for that seat, if indeed Sen".

She also added that the president's daughter-in-law is a household name and people knew her in North Carolina. During this election cycle, she rallied in her hometown of Wilmington, gathering hundreds in support of the President.

The race is expected to attract many prominent politicians in the primary, including Rep. Mark Walker (R-North Carolina), White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Gov. Pat McCrory (R), North Carolina Speaker Tim Moore and Dan Forest, the former Republican nominee for governor who lost in 2017.

" She's very charismatic, understands local politics well, and has a natural instinct for politics", said Mercedes Schlapp, a Trump campaign advisor who traveled around the country as a substitute with Lara Trump.

During the 2020 campaign, Lara hit the campaign trail harder than in 2016 and emerged as a frequent defender of the president.

North Carolina is historically Republican, and voted for Donald Trump on November 3 - but by a smaller margin than in 2016.

North Carolina has been a Republic supporter state for the past few years now. It is increasingly seen as a possible key state, that is, susceptible to changing from one field to the other.

Perhaps less of a contest if Lara entered the scene. Eric and Lara Trump are raising two children.

Political experts believed that Trump Jr. and Ivanka are more likely to follow the path of their father in 2022.

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