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Alexa routines can now include Amazon Fire TV commands

"With this update, Alexa on Fire TV will understand customers speaking to her completely in Hindi". In case you're new to this whole smart home game, Amazon's got a handy guide to help you get started with these Routines. "At launch, customers can explore Alexa in Hindi for music, knowledge, personality, smart home, timers and alarms, weather, news, local search, hundreds of skills, and more", Amazon said.

Fire TV users in India can switch to Hindi by going to Settings Preferences Language.

After hitting the Settings section, go to Device options and select Device Language.

In September, Amazon added Hindi support to the Alexa app on Android and iOS. That's seen a big discount on its very latest Amazon Echo, the 4th-gen model shaped like a ball. So when someone says "Alexa, I'm back", Alexa can say "OK - now back to your show", turn off their smart lights, and resume playing content.

With the Alexa app, you can set up your own custom routines with a wide range of actions to choose from.

Amazon revealed that in a survey that 75 percent of USA respondents said they pause their show or movie at least once per night, so being able to easily pause your TV through Alexa routines could come in handy for a lot of people.

For example, you could create an Alexa Routine for movie night that would pause the program and turn on the lights for your snack break, and another to again dim the lights and resume the movie when you return. On the Routine setup page in the Alexa app, customers can check which Amazon Fire TV device control actions are available. Basically, if you're in a noisy place they'll boost volume, and if you're in a quieter place, Alexa won't yell so loud in your ears.

Amazon says the new Alexa Routines update is available across all Fire TV devices. However, if you're using a Fire TV Stick, you'll need a TV that supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to turn your TV on and off as part of a routine.

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