Arecibo Observatory’s Iconic Telescope Will be Decomissioned Following Cable Failure

29 2006 obtained from the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center website shows the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory’s Iconic Telescope Will be Decomissioned Following Cable Failure AFP 2020

One broke this month, after an auxiliary cable had slipped out of its socket in August, which led to a 100-foot gash in the dish.

Engineers have not yet determined the cause of the initial cable's failure, a NSF spokesperson said. Then on November 6, one of the telescope's main steel cables snapped, leading officials to warn that the entire structure could collapse. The plan aims to retain as much as possible of the remaining infrastructure of Arecibo Observatory, so that it remains available for future research and educational missions.

Arecibo Observatory's telescope consists of a radio dish 1,000 feet (305 meters) wide in diameter with a 900-ton instrument platform hanging 450 feet above. In Pennsylvania, an Associated Press canvass of county election officials likewise unearthed no significant problems.Nevertheless, Giuliani plowed ahead Tuesday, needling an opposing lawyer by calling him "the man who was very angry with me, I forgot his name."He mistook the judge for a federal judge in a separate Pennsylvania district who rejected a separate Trump campaign case: "I was accused of not reading your opinion and that I did not understand it."And he tripped himself up over the meaning of "opacity."In the plaintiffs' counties, they were denied the opportunity to have an unobstructed observation and ensure opacity", Giuliani said".

An action scene from the James Bond film "GoldenEye" takes place above the telescope, and in the film "Contact" an astronomer played by Jodie Foster uses the observatory in her quest for alien signals. "There is a serious risk of an unexpected and uncontrolled collapse", Gaume said. "I've seen how the observatory to this day continues to inspire my island", writes Edgard Rivera-Valentín of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in a direct message on Twitter to National Geographic. He recalled first visiting when he was 4 or 5.

"Think about what the Golden Gate Bridge means to San Francisco, what the Statue of Liberty means to New Yorkers".

After the telescope decommissioning, NSF would intend to restore operations at assets such as the Arecibo Observatory LIDAR facility - a valuable geospace research tool - as well as at the visitor center and offsite Culebra facility, which analyzes cloud cover and precipitation data.

NSF recognizes the cultural and economic significance of Arecibo Observatory to Puerto Rico, and how the telescope serves as an inspiration for Puerto Ricans considering education and employment in STEM. The US National Science Foundation (NSF), the entity that owns the historic facility, built nearly 60 years ago and a world reference for astronomy, reported this Thursday through a statement that in the face of the imminent collapse there was no other option.

It was built in the early 1960s, with the intention of studying the ionised upper part of Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere.

"The process of saying goodbye to Arecibo will certainly take some years", he said.

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