"Chaos Walking" Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley stars in New Trailer

Tom Holland aka Todd Hewitt appears in an unseen image from Chaos Walking

Tom Holland aka Todd Hewitt appears in an unseen image from Chaos Walking

Despite wrapping filming back in 2017, Chaos Walking had to undergo some extensive reshoots due to poor screen testing.

Holland starts protecting Ridley as those in charge on the planet start to pursue her. Viola soon meets Tom Holland's Todd and discovers that people can't hide what they are thinking on that planet. It doesn't take long to get acquainted with the Noise, which is some sort of force that allows everyone to see your thoughts at all times.

The movie stars Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, Kurt Sutter, and David Oyelowo.

Chaos Walking is now scheduled for a January 22, 2021 release, but with a potential COVID-19 vaccine coming out in the months following that date, we wouldn't be surprised to see this one get bumped back. The cacophony drives many mad until Todd makes a hidden, silent discovery: there is a girl named Viola, who may be the key to unlocking New World's many-layered secrets. In the meantime, we invite you to discover what we think of the director's latest feat of arms in science fiction, namely Edge of Tomorrow, our review of which is available here.

The film is based on Patrick Ness' 2008 book, The Knife of Never Letting Go, which was the first installment in his Chaos Walking series.

Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman, with Patrick Ness and Christopher Ford having written the film's screenplay.

Fans of Daisy Ridley can hear her voice in the newly released "LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special", and she's expected to star in an adaptation of "Women in the Castle". As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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