Demon's Souls PS5 nearly had an easy mode created

Demon’s Souls Secret Door Finally Opened and Mystery Revealed

Demon's Souls PS5 almost had an easy mode created - MSPoweruser

Just a few days ago, we wrote up a story on Demon's Souls and its new mystery door.

Located in the Tower Knight Archstone and found by weaving through tight, dark corridors, the mysterious door welcomes players with a single message: "It appears to be locked".

Developers at Bluepoint Games have already reacted to the finding that united the fan community: "That's why we make games".

In an interview with The Washington Post, PlayStation's external development creative director Gavin Moore revealed that there were early plans to have a more entry-level experience for series newcomers early in development.

Players got busy with the first challenge they had found. Bluepoint Games is well known for making remakes interesting by adding secrets and Easter eggs, like they had done with Shadow of the Colossus.

As noted by Souls speedrunner Distortion2 in the first of several updates on the matter, the most popular theory is that these Ceramic Coins are somehow related to the hidden door discovered in the Demon's Souls remake last week. The secret to open it lay with another fresh addition in this remake: the ceramic coins. The design on the coins is similar to that on the door. Trying to duplicate Ceramic Coins in multiplayer by dropping them for another player and disconnecting transforms them into Broken Coins, which at this point seem useless. Though they could be consumed for a small health boost, the Ceramic Coins were best traded to Sparkly the Crow, a crow merchant who could swap items dropped near its nest for other items (like a powerful Fragrant Ring for a Brass Telescope).

Beyond the door lies an empty verandah with a corpse. Until then, happy slaying in Boletaria.

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