Early results indicate AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine is promising

One million people receive experimental Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

One million people receive experimental Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

The GMR Group, which operates Delhi and Hyderabad airports, says the air cargo units of both these places are getting ready to "play a pivotal role in the distribution of vaccines through state of the art time and temperature-sensitive distribution system" with cool chambers ranging from +25°C to -20°C.

Volunteers got two doses of the vaccine or a placebo, and no serious side effects related to the AZD1222 vaccine were reported, the researchers said.

Dr. Andrew Pollard, an expert in pediatric infection and immunity at Oxford, said research was slowed by low infection rates over the summer, but the Phase III trials are now accumulating the data needed to report results as a renewed surge of the pandemic hits countries around the world.

"It is essential that a COVID-19 vaccine can be effective across a broad age range, particularly in older individuals where they are disproportionately at risk of severe COVID-19 disease".

In a statement, the Lancet said that Moderna's vaccine has shown similar immune responses in young and older adults, but noted that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine showed a less robust response in older adults compared to their younger counterparts. "The next step will be to see if this translates into protection from the disease itself". Instead, it looked at safety indicators and the body's immune response. T-cell response occurred within 14 days of the first dose of vaccination, and antibody response occurred within 28 days of the booster dose of vaccination.

Late-stage, or phase-three, trials are ongoing to confirm the findings, researchers said, and to test whether the vaccine protects against infection with SARS-CoV-2 in a broad range of people, including people with underlying health conditions.

All 560 participants in the study were healthy adults, with adverse reactions being less common in older adults than in younger ones. The data is from the earliest clinical trials - Phase 1 and 2 - of the vaccine, called CoronaVac.

United Kingdom authorities have placed orders for 100 million doses of the vaccine - enough to vaccinate most of the population - should it receive regulatory approval.

CoronaVac uses inactivated coronavirus, making it different from the mRNA, or messenger RNA, vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

After lowering expectations for how many millions of vaccines they can produce this year, the companies expect to ramp up their manufacturing early next year.

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