Kpop ‘BTS debuts ‘BE album track ‘Life Goes On

BTS gathers around bonfire in 'Life Goes On' music video teaser

BTS drops NEW 'Life Goes On' teaser ahead of 'BE' album launch

BTS and ARMYs were left dejected after the group axed their 2020 world tour in April due to health and safety concerns related to Covid-19. But with touring being put on pause, this allowed them time to really dive into making this album personal, for both themselves and ARMY.

Life Goes On is probably one of the BTS's most emotional songs. The members are also seen together during a cozy night at home.

Prior to the pandemic hit, BTS released a 20-song album "Map of the Soul: 7", representing the band's excursion from past to introduce: seven friends and number of years since their first single. Also, how they will get better eventually.

BTS will release Be on Friday.

The Army never fails to reciprocate the love they receive from BTS.

"Dis-ease" brings a more hip-hop feel to the album, and while it is very upbeat, it discusses feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that they have felt throughout the year; at the same time, it acknowledges how the group managed to keep themselves working and busy. I mean, seriously, what is it these boys can't do.

Earlier RM described "Life Goes On" and said that the fans could easily understand from the title what the song is about.

Member Jin said another BE track, the retro disco Telepathy, expressed "the sad reality of not being able to meet with our fans around the world because of Covid".

Last week, the band shared details on the upcoming album by releasing a handwritten list of the album's eight tracks, which includes "Dynamite", "Blue & Grey", "Skit" and "Stay". If you aren't a fan of BTS [yet], I think BE would be a great place for you to start.

Management company Big Hit Entertainment said it was uncertain whether the BTS performance of "Life Goes On" for the American Music Awards would be live or pre-recorded.

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