Marvel's Avengers adds Kate Bishop in December with 'Taking AIM' update

Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop Taking Aim DLC Release Date Set for Dec. 8

Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop Taking Aim DLC Release Date Set for Dec. 8

New of the Avengers game have been pretty grim lately, what with the loss of the player base and poor reviews. Next-gen versions are set to launch in 2021, and existing players can upgrade for free while maintaining their progress.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics introduced Thursday that Kate Bishop and Operation Taking AIM - the primary main replace for Marvel's Avengers since launch - will launch on December 8.

The new video additionally answered one in every of fan's most urgent questions in regards to the addition of Kate Bishop and the promise of Clint Barton's Hawkeye: How totally different will the 2 arrow-slinging heroes be? The devs have now shared a deep-dive into the story and abilities coming with the new story campaign, as well as a glimpse of Hawkeye: Operation Future Imperfect, which will arrive early next year.Kate Bishop will be the first new hero in Season One of the Avengers Initiative, and is voiced by Ashly Burch, who also voiced Chloe in Life is odd and Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. On a mission to rescue her mentor, Kate Bishop will take on AIM and travel through reality. She can pick off baddies from afar thanks to her master archer skills, and she can get up close and do damage as an expert swordsman.

As you might imagine, many of her abilities revolve around her use of a bow but she is also capable with a sword. The team points to the Super Adaptoid fight as being a multiplayer only encounter.

Kate Bishop comes to Avengers on December 8. Hawkeye is coming in 2021 and will be a part of a new Operation entitled Future Imperfect.

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