New York City schools to close again as city fights coronavirus

New York City schools closing because of rising covid-19 rates

NYC closes schools citing COVID-19, despite low positivity rate

"We will also give considerable weight to our own experience in the building, such as the results of our weekly testing program and the many mitigation measures and health and safety protocols in the building, which continue to be substantial and are regularly evaluated and revised as needed by our own health staff", Lourie said in the email.

Critics have questioned the logic of closing schools - where no massive outbreaks of coronavirus cases have been reported - at the same time that city restaurants remain open for indoor dining.

The closures will come if New York City enters a state-mandated "orange zone", which would go into effect if the city breaches a seven-day average positivity rate of 3 percent for 10 days, as determined by the state.

Nearly 13,000 New Yorkers have signed a petition entitled "Keep NYC Schools Open" that campaigners and kids delivered to city hall and state Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday.

Browning, Nightingale-Bamford, Collegiate, Spence, and Trinity are among the independent schools in Manhattan that said they will hold in-person classes Thursday.

This came as parents across the city expressed concern over the closures, calling on the governor to leave schools open.

Besser noted that a health commissioner of another state told him "that for a lot of children, being in the classroom where their mask wearing can be observed, where social distancing can be monitored, is really the safest place for them".

The Milling Room executive chef and part-owner Marcus Ware on how NY restaurants are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic and indoor and outdoor dining restrictions. The Department of Education provides bus services, meals and special education services to private schools in the city.

They began reopening in September when NY became America's only major city to commit to offering in-person classes as part of a hybrid system that included online learning. And, in fact, there are 60,000 kids in New York City that don't even have a connected device. "We've got to figure this out".

New York City will enter an orange zone if the seven-day rolling average positivity rate is above 3 percent by state metrics - which differ from city metrics - for 10 days.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement saying, "The city established the 3% infection rate threshold to make sure that schools did not become centers to spread the coronavirus".

The governor said the weeks leading up January will be a unsafe time.

While European countries have so far kept schools open, focusing instead on shutting down indoor dining, bars and gyms, America's most populous city has taken the opposite approach. "It is then going to run into the Christmas holidays, and you're going to see these numbers go very high". "Your dining room table at Thanksgiving sounds safe", Cuomo said at a state capitol briefing.

Cuomo has said reopening schools in New York City would require a different plan than the rest of the state because by sheer volume it wouldn't be possible to test every student in the city.

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