Trump campaign appeals loss in Pennsylvania election dispute

US President Donald Trump looking down

The ruling is another setback for President Donald Trump's attempt to invalidate the US presidential election

U.S. President Donald Trump's legal team said on Saturday that his campaign has requested another recount of votes in the presidential election in Georgia.

Trump had argued that the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law was violated when Pennsylvania counties took different approaches to notifying voters before the election about technical problems with their submitted mail-in ballots.

"I hope that the administrator of the GSA will do her job", Mr. Klain added, referring to GSA chief Emily Murphy.

Exuding confidence that Biden would be in-charge of the country on January 20, Klain noted that this time it is not going to be the same kind of inauguration that they had in the past.

Mr. Biden, working in his home state of DE, has announced a series of selections for White House posts.

"You've seen growing divisions, some of which are deeply rooted in questions of race and gender and date back to the founding of this country, some of which are a result of a changing economy", Obama told CBC Radio's The Current in a Canadian exclusive interview that will air on CBC Radio Monday morning.

He declined to say which posts the president-elect would announce, though Mr Biden said last week he has already decided on a person for the key position of Treasury secretary. "Obviously, this is not going to be the same kind of inauguration we had in the past", he said. Inauguration ceremonies and related events typically draw huge crowds to Washington.

The summit, attended by world leaders from across the globe, is being held virtually this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"It is the absolute responsibility of the outgoing team" to provide such information, Ms Power said. "We just want to try to find a way to do it as safely as possible".

Such a move is meant to deliver the message that Biden is intent on preparing for the presidency even as Trump refuses to concede and attempts to subvert the election results in key states. Lara Trump went on Fox Sunday and groused about all the alleged fraud and cheating in the election.

Attempts to thwart certification of vote tallies have failed thus far in courts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Arizona.

Brann ruled that the campaign is essentially asking the court "to disenfranchise nearly seven million voters", using "strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations. unsupported by evidence".

A message seeking comment was left with the Trump campaign.

MI is set to certify its results on Monday.

The Trump campaign has filed for yet another recount in Georgia.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield was among seven Republican legislators who met with Trump for about an hour on Friday, amid his longshot efforts to block Biden's win.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has served as a Trump adviser, called the president's legal team a "national embarrassment".

Maryland's Republican Governor Larry Hogan told CNN's State of the Union: "We're beginning to look like a banana republic". "Frankly I'm embarrassed that more people in the party aren't speaking up".

North Dakota senator Kevin Cramer on Sunday defended Mr Trump's insistence on ensuring the election was fair, but added on NBC that it is "past time to start a transition", adding, "I'd rather have a president who has more than one day to prepare".

Psaki raised concerns that there's now no access to intelligence briefings and threat assessments.

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