Link ushers digital home transformation from new Wi-Fi 6 devices

TP Link

However this device still gains the support for Wi Fi 6 which produces faster speeds and the latest features so there is still a big upside

Components-sensible, it is run by a 2.2GHz quad-main processor and 1GB of RAM.

TP-Link is also releasing a set of Deco modules that, rather than incorporate voice, leverage WiFi 6E instead.

It is then of course not surprising that TP-Link wasted no time at CES 2021 before launching three new Wi-Fi 6E capable systems, including two mesh systems - Deco 96 and Deco 76 Plus - as well as a the Archer AX96 stand-alone router.

Almost a year into this pandemic, your home Wi-Fi is no doubt feeling the strain of competing Zoom calls, Disney + binge watching, and multiple Twitch streams.

If you want to connect directly to devices over 6GHz Wi-Fi, that's what TP-Link's two other upcoming routers are for.

TP Link router 2

This range also includes the Archer AX90 which is a standalone tri-band router with Wi-Fi 6 and identical specifications to the Deco X90. It comes with "smart antennas" to boost the signal across your home and reportedly uses "AI-driven mesh" that adjusts the signal based on your home's layout.

Archer AX206 also features a pure 6 GHz band for dedicated Wi-Fi 6E, enabling a cleaner, broader 6 GHz band for unstoppable transmission. Voice and voice control can be done in the whole house with the whole-home WiFi and built-in Alexa provided by mesh technology. It's also speedy, but it has a lower top speed of 5,400 Mbps with tri-band Wi-Fi. The Deco X96 and X76 Plus both use the faster standard, but only the X76 also has additional smart home features like Zigbee controls. Plume has during the past couple of years been probably the fastest growing startup in the smart home space and is easily one of the most innovative as well as most strategically adept tech startups in existence today. The advanced OFDMA and UL/DL MU-MIMO technology eradicates latency and makes it easy to transfer data to and from multiple devices simultaneously, reducing wait times drastically.

All of these routers come with the option for a paid HomeShield security subscription, which enables your router to monitor your smart home devices for security issues and block malicious URLs and DDoS attacks. That emerged as a secure way for motion sensing in homes as users aren't required to deploy a particular security camera or other devices. It supports download speeds of up to 5Gbps and works with Deco mesh technology.

AX6000 Ceiling Mount Tri-Band WiFi 6 Access Point - EAP680 HD that delivers astonishing wireless speeds of up to 6 Gbps powered by the latest WiFi 6 technology with a 10G Ethernet port supported by an 802.3bt PoE++ power supply. Also, this adapter will be providing a speed of about 1,200Mbps.

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