Lucasfilm Games is the new home of Star Wars video games

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Star Wars Games Now Labelled Under Lucasfilm Games, Seemingly Dropping EA Banner And Branding

They would go on to sell the Star Wars gaming license to EA, and former projects like Star Wars: 1313 were sadly canned (I still want a pre-OT Boba Fett game).

Lucasfilm's legacy in gaming stretches back decades.

Lucasfilm has announced that all Star Wars games will now be brought under the umbrella of Lucasfilm Games, dropping the EA branding and banner which has been in place since 2013.

"What this means for their deal with EA remains uncertain (the license now expires in 2023), but in the press release it's mentioned that Lucasfilm Games was, ". developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry". These games will now join together under the newly formed Lucasfilm Games brand.

Lucasfilm made a post to the Star Wars website to share news about the new era of Lucasfilm Games.

Whether you're a fan of FPS, RPGs, MMOs flying, or really any other genre of video games - there is likely a Star Wars game for you. It is also a callback to the original title of the game developer which was later renamed Lucasarts in the 90s.

THROWBACK: Will the classic RPG Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic finally get a new entry? This would open up the door for them to work with multiple publishers/developers on new Star Wars games while still keeping it all cohesive under the same logo.

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