Tesla's Cheaper Model Y Standard Range Variant Available Now

Tesla's $25000 EV Could Come as Early as 2022, Top Price Bracket at $31000

Tesla Model Y price drops to $43,190 with arrival of Standard Range

The vehicle costs only $4,000 more than Tesla's least expensive offering, the Standard Range Plus Model 3.

Tesla said almost two years ago that it planned to begin producing the standard-range version of the Model Y in spring 2021. In one Twitter reply to a question regarding the Standard Range Model Y being taken off the configurator, Elon Musk stated that they would not be making it due to its low range.

When it comes to range, the new Standard Range Model Y will compete against the Jaguar I-Pace (234 miles), Kia Niro EV (239 miles), Hyundai Kona Electric (258 miles), Chevrolet Bolt EV (259 miles), and Ford Mustang Mach-E with the Standard Range battery (230 miles).

Tesla, which sold 11,826 cars in South Korea past year, is predicted to increase the volume by lowering the prices of its products.

You can now place an order for a Standard Range variant of the small electric SUV on Tesla's website, which is priced to start from $43,190.

Just as Musk said, the new Standard Range Model Y has a range of 244 miles. But, as Tesla has proven over the years, it is often able to increase the range of its cars via software updates throughout their life. Another option, the "long-range" Y Model, has a rated range of 326 miles, a top speed of 135 miles per hour, and a base price of $ 50,000.

Pricing starts at $41,990 which makes it $8,000 cheaper than the Model Y Long Range. This edition of the vehicle has an estimated range of 267 miles, a top speed of 140 mph, and can go from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds.

Tesla now notes that the estimated delivery times for the vehicle will range from anywhere between two to five weeks.

According to the information provided upon clicking on the 7-seat option, it explains that the row will seat two passengers, offer easy entry, and fold flat for cargo. Model Y buyers can also now opt for a 7-seat version, which costs an additional $3,000 and adds a third row with two seats.

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