Apple Shares Tim Cook's Recent Speech on Apple's Commitment to Privacy

Apple Shares Tim Cook's Recent Speech on Apple's Commitment to Privacy

Apple Shares Tim Cook's Recent Speech on Apple's Commitment to Privacy

The tech giants have been clashing over a changes coming in Apple's iOS operating software, which will include a tracking transparency feature that Facebook claims could cripple its ability to serve up targeted ads and hurt many businesses.

That's it! You can now unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch when certain conditions are met.

Facebook and Apple have been engaged in a six-month-long privacy battle after Apple announced a new iOS update that would inform users of the apps that track their activity and give them the option to prevent the apps from doing so.

Scroll down, choose Face ID & Passcode.

To install the iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 developer betas, you first need to register as an iOS developer.

According to reports, your Apple watch can only open your phone when both of them are close to each other and the iPhone cannot be opened when both devices are far away. So, you can easily unlock your iPhone while wearing your mask. This is possible because the watch would have already verified a user's Passcode to unlock the watch. If Apple's facial recognition algorithm detects an authentic user wearing a mask, the Passcode screen comes up immediately instead of waiting for the mask to generate an incorrect Face ID result.

Are you exhausted of removing your mask every time you need to unlock your iPhone?

Move your head as instructed to scan your new masked appearance.

'We have tried many different types of masks, including ordinary disposable medical masks, N95 masks, masks with breathing valves, etc., which have not been found to be unsuitable, ' reads the blog.

'The three-dimensional cup-shaped mask cannot be folded, but in theory, a similar entry operation can be performed by cutting half'. When streaming workouts via AirPlay, you won't see your Apple Watch metrics on the big screen, for instance, though you'll still be able to view these stats on the watch itself.

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