Atlanta Hawks investigate incident with LeBron James, fans

LeBron James says he missed type of 'interaction' he had with 'Courtside Karen,' husband

Lakers’ LeBron James mocks fan ejected from arena during Monday’s win at Hawks

The Hawks are one of the few teams allowing fans to attend games, but it's ridiculous the National Basketball Association allows it, especially in courtside seats that are so close to players the league has pledged to protect.

Juliana Carlos sent Twitter into a frenzy for the past 24 hours after her spat with LeBron James at the Lakers vs. Hawks game. The game's broadcast showed Juliana - with her mask down - getting out of her seat and yelling at James.

The athlete also shared a collage of photos of himself and Kobe Bryant, as well as a January tweet in which LeBron James wrote, "I promise you I'll continue your legacy man!" All of the sudden, LeBron says something to my husband, and I see this and I stand up. And I go, 'Don't f-ing talk to my husband.' And he looks at me and he goes, 'Sit the f- down, b--.' And I go, 'Don't f-ing call me a b--.

"And he started fighting with me and said, 'Shut your mouth, you dumb bitch!' I said, 'You shut your fucking mouth, bitch'".

That's when Carlos claims she got involved. He's been watching the games for 10 years.

James responded to the incident on Twitter, writing: 'Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!' next to a series of emojis showing faces crying with laughter.

James could only be heard saying "ol' steroid ass" in a courtside video reviewed by The Athletic. "And then when someone else jumped into it and said their piece, but I didn't think they should've been kicked out". They might have had some alcoholic beverages on the side, so that could have - it made him feel tougher than what they really are, I would say.

"I don't feel like it was warranted to be kicked out", he went on.

"There was a back-and-forth between two grown men; he said his piece, I said my piece".

Meanwhile, Lakers coach Frank Vogel highlighted the risk of such an exchange during the coronavirus pandemic. "You obviously can't have fans taking their masks down and shouting at our players with the virus out there during these times".

The weird altercation between James and the Hawks' fans raises some bigger issues. Fans in the stands is just better.

The Lakers went on to win the game at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia 107-99.

LeBron James insists he is happy that fans are allowed back in arenas despite his courtside exchange on Monday night.

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