Biden Discussing COVID-19 Aid With Dems, Wants Fast Action

Chuck Schumer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer D-N.Y. speaks during a news conference on Jan. 26 2021 at the

"He said, basically, 'I don't want to go down the path we went down in 2009, ' " Manchin said of his conversation with Biden.

While Republicans have opposed Biden's relief proposal for the price tag, timing and addition of Democratic priorities, like a $15 minimum wage, Jean-Pierre cited polling that showed Biden's plan had bipartisan support from the American people. Biden campaigned on his ability to broker deals with Republicans as well as his decades of experience serving in the Senate.

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Earlier Wednesday Biden told House Democrats on a conference call: "We need to act".

Psaki also suggested the GOP idea of limiting who gets stimulus checks might be viable.

"He was very strong in emphasizing the need for a big, bold package".

At the White House, press secretary Jen Psaki reiterated Bidens view that the risk is not in crafting too large a package, but in providing too little aid.

But most Republicans are opposed to spending almost another $2 trillion after devoting some $4 trillion to fighting the pandemic through a series of five bipartisan bills past year, including a $900 billion measure passed in December. "We welcome cooperation. There is nothing about the process of a budget resolution or reconciliation, for that matter, that forecloses the possibility of bipartisanship".

President Joe Biden told House Democrats to "go big" because "a lot of people are hurting in our country today".

Biden called into the weekly House Democratic Caucus call Wednesday and reiterated his commitment to including direct payments of $1,400 in the package. Already, the Biden team has been working with aides to Sen.

It's incredible that after delaying a second round of direct payments (and other essential benefits included in a stimulus package) for more than eight months, and then refusing to make those payments any higher than the insulting $600 we got, Republicans are once again refusing to listen to the needs of their constituents and stonewalling attempts to offer much-needed direct relief. They criticized his relief package as a wish list of liberal packages disguised as a covid relief bill.

The Senate is split exactly 50 votes to 50 across the two major parties, with Vice President Kamala Harris holding the tiebreaking vote. "Their plans are to try to use this pandemic to seize more government control of your life". He said the president told them, "to the extent we can work with our Republican colleagues, let's do that".

The intensifying debate over the stimulus comes amid weeks of elevated jobless claims and fears that the more transmissible form of the coronavirus could cause further economic pain.

Biden met with a group of 10 Republicans on Monday night, led by Sen.

The GOP plan has numerous differences, including reducing those payments to $1,000, giving less federal unemployment support for a shorter amount of time, and removing aid for state and local governments.

The message came down on Wednesday, as negotiations continue on what the next coronavirus relief bill will look like. But he said he is willing to "target" the aid, which would mean lowering the income threshold to qualify. "Further targeting means not the size of the check - it means the income level of people who receive the check".

Schumer has said that the process, known as budget reconciliation, is open to GOP participation and the stimulus package can still be tweaked with their input.

When Republicans controlled both congressional chambers in 2017, lawmakers used reconciliation to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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