Cuomo Attacks Lawmaker Critical of Nursing Home Policies

CNN says it reinstated a ban on Chris Cuomo covering his brother

Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Being Investigated Over Nursing Home Scandal

New York Democrats are also working to strip Cuomo of the emergency powers he received last spring.

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The lawmakers also question whether there is relationship between campaign donations from for-profit nursing homes to Cuomo and his decision, early in the pandemic, to grant the homes immunity from prosecution for anything that might go wrong.

The state's reported death toll ballooned from around 9,000 - a number that excluded nursing home residents who died of coronavirus at hospitals - to just over 15,000 after a state attorney general report.

Andrew Cuomo threatened to "destroy" his career if he did not stand in support of the administration as it faces backlash over its treatment of COVID-19 positive nursing home patients and the reporting of nursing home deaths. "We're putting four new vaccination sites in socially vulnerable communities outside of New York City where we've seen higher positivity rates and lower vaccination rates".

"We responded to the entire August request and have been in the process of responding to the October request on a rolling basis as suggested by the Department of Justice at the time, with a production as recent as January 8, 2021", Azzopardi said. "We have been cooperating with them and we will continue to", said Rich Azzopardi, senior adviser to the governor. However, as the NY governor's star rose thanks to his daily press briefings and the mainstream media showered the Democrat with praise for his "leadership", the network allowed its prime-time anchor to hold a series of chummy interviews with his brother in the early weeks of the pandemic.

"The void we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism and cynicism and conspiracy theories which fueled the confusion", Cuomo said during a news conference Monday.

The measure, which could come to a vote next week, emerged over a report that Cuomo lashed out at a local lawmaker for criticizing his pandemic response.

Cuomo reportedly called Kim at home the next day, promising to "destroy" Kim and spread how "bad of a person" the assembly man was, according to a statement from Kim cited by The New York Times.

Kim said Wednesday the governor is now trying to distract the public from growing criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike about his administration's handling and reporting of outbreaks. "He attacked me", Cuomo said. He penned a letter, along with nine other Democratic lawmakers, that accused the governor and his staff of obstructing justice.

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