Double-Masking Increases COVID Protection, CDC Says

Is it time to wear 2 masks? Here's what local experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying

If You're Going to These 4 Places, the CDC Says You Need a Better Mask

The CDC study looked at the impact wearing two masks had on reducing exposure to aerosols, or droplets in the air.

While the CDC says that there are still some circumstances in which a simple cloth covering or medical mask will continue to be sufficient, they gave four examples of destinations that warrant a mask upgrade.

Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, says, "In the breathing experiment, having both the source and the receiver wear masks modified to fit better, reduce the receiver's exposure by more than 95 percent compared to no mask at all".

How many face masks are you wearing?

Last month, LifeSiteNews covered a CNBC segment in which anchor Shepard Smith and colleague Contessa Brewer agree that, in Smith's words, "it's time to double up and wear two", with Brewer going so far as to suggest wearing three at a time.

Scientists have prescribed wearing a cloth mark on top of a surgical mask to provide the fullest protection. Doctors have also stressed knotting and tucking their masks to ensure a higher degree of blocking.

Is it time to wear 2 masks? Here's what local experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying

On Wednesday, the CDC released a new report "Maximizing Fit for Cloth and Medical Procedure Masks to Improve Performance" to reduce COVID transmission and exposure. If a mask has too many layers and is hard to breathe through, then people will likely suck air in from the sides of the mask, which will defeat the objective of wearing one, she said.

However, mask wearing has proven to limit the spread of coronavirus in areas where the practice is widely observed. It comes down to reducing gaps, by double masking, nose wires, and knotting ear loops and tucking in the sides. "The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face". Schrimsher said that the variant from the United Kingdom, which is more transmissible, would likely be the predominant strain in the United States by the end of March.

Marcellino said he thought the renewed attention on masks and their effectiveness had been brought on by newly detected variants of COVID-19.

Should new COVID-19 variants send the number of cases in Douglas County in the wrong direction, and should the hospital become overwhelmed, Marcellino said the health department might need to recommend double masking.

The CDC's updated mask guidance includes additional information about how to improve a mask's fit in order to receive better protection.

Another problem with surgical masks is they don't fit snugly against your face.

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