Facebook to notify users on personalized ads prior to Apple privacy changes

Facebook tries to rally users to ad tracking against Apple

Facebook to notify users on personalized ads prior to Apple privacy changes

"Apple's new prompt is created to present a false trade-off between personalised ads and privacy; when in fact, we can provide both". Apple has maintained that users must be given a choice and that apps to disclose all tracking and data collection practices via "app nutrition labels" on the App Store. On iOS 14, users should explicitly allow apps like Facebook to track them across apps and websites. The test comes ahead of an Apple privacy change with the potential to upend the social network's core business.

This prompt, Facebook said, will provide more information about the benefits of personalised advertisements and how these are used, and does not result in new types of data being collected or new uses of the data.

The ability to personalise ads according to the online behaviour of a user is one of the reasons why advertising on Facebook is attractive to businesses.

The page offers options to "Allow" or "Don't Allow" the practice, which can summon Apple's official ATT notification, which asks the question again.

Its introduction will mean that Facebook will be prevented from collecting and tracking data such as e-mail and IP addresses that it now uses for personalised advertising by default, unless users choose to opt in.

The page claims Apple's prompt "suggests there's a tradeoff between personalized advertising and privacy; when in fact, we can and do both". The pop-up is created to protect user privacy, but the Facebook app will offer its own pop-up screen explaining the benefits of targeted advertising before users are given the option to opt out of being tracked.

The page is said to answer this problem by providing "more information about how we use personalized ads, which support small businesses and keep apps free". "These prompts will appear on Apple users' screens immediately before the Apple pop-up appears", adds the report.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook seemed to take aim at Facebook when he blasted "disinformation and conspiracy theories juiced by algorithms" during a virtual data privacy conference in Brussels last week.

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