Instagram Might Not Allow You to Share Feed Photos to Stories

What even is Instagram anymore

What even is Instagram anymore? Image Justin Sullivan Getty Images

The folks at Instagram are trialling a world without these, after apparently receiving feedback that users are more into original content (ie. pics and vids filmed specifically for your Stories) and not second-hand stuff. According to a new report coming from TechCrunch, the photo-sharing application is working on bringing vertical feed for Stories.

Don't rejoice too quickly, though: Instagram is now testing this limitation in select markets. His screenshot showed a simple User Interface (UI) with text reading, "Now you can swipe up and down to browse stories" and then a big, blue button labeled "Vertical Stories". In contrast, TikTok's feed is vertical, so users swipe up to get to the next piece of content.

Instagram informed users about the potential change via a notification banner within the app.

There's no word on how long the Instagram test will be running or if it will be occurring globally, so keep sharing those memes while you still can. It also follows the platform's major home screen redesign from less than three months ago.

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As per the report, the company claims that some users are not happy watching the same content from the feed shared in stories. After introducing Reels past year, Instagram is reportedly testing another TikTok-like feature to enhance their overall user experience. The change was a transparent attempt to give Reels a boost after people were mostly just confused about the new format.

The platform is developing a new vertical feed for Instagram Stories, according to a TechCrunch report.

What's with all the tinkering, Instagram? In fact, the short videos platform was among the first ones to bring such a story format. It's nearly like the attempts to import TikTok's whole short-form viral video content ~thing~ into a platform with the pre-existing goal of sharing photos isn't going as easily as planned! Currently, posts, stories, Reels, and IGTV all host videos.

For example, shoving feed posts in stories opens up the opportunity for the mutual aid organization in your neighborhood to get more donations.

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