Joe Biden Declares America, Transatlantic Alliance "Back"

US President Joe Biden speaks virtually to the Munich Security Conference in Germany from the East Room of the White House in Washington DC

Biden to Debut at G-7 With Vaccines, Economy and China in Focus

Russian Federation has tried to destabilize and undermine democracy in the United States and Europe and elsewhere, Biden said, asking allies to stand firm with Washington.

"Multilateralism is boosted through the change in the USA government - the Biden administration has already demonstrated this with its first decisions" on returning to the Paris climate accord and rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO), she said.

"We must also address Iran's destabilising activities across the Middle East, and we're going to work in close cooperation with our European and other partners as we proceed".

On Thursday, the State Department said it was open to talks with Iran about its nuclear program and the official said Biden planned to echo that message Friday.

Zarif reiterated the Iranian position Friday, tweeting that after sanctions are lifted, "We will then immediately reverse all remedial measures".

Biden on the campaign trail vowed to reassert USA leadership in the global community, a role that Trump often shied away from while complaining that the US was too frequently taken advantage of by freeloading allies.

Seeking a sharp break from the "America First" policies of his predecessor - which often manifested in bitter disagreements, escalating trade wars and rejection of the systems established to prevent conflict - President Joe Biden on Friday reaffirmed the USA position of global leadership, the power of its alliances and the resilience of democracy in the United States and overseas.

Biden urged China to compete in accordance with global economic rules.

He urged European allies to join together to confront strong political and economic challenges from China.

"He will get the opportunity as president of the United States, early in his term, to declare that America is back and the transatlantic alliance is back", the official said.

Biden to Debut at G-7 With Vaccines, Economy and China in Focus

"Rhetorically a very important speech at this inflection point, as President Biden called it, and it's important from the standpoint of only the United States and Europe working together can address the major challenges of our day", he said.

In a virtual address to the Munich Security Conference, the president underscored America's commitment to democracy and diplomatic engagement.

He has returned the United States to worldwide agreements and organizations his predecessor left - including the World Health Organization and the Paris climate accord, which the USA will officially become a party to again on Friday after Trump had pulled it out.

"This is a global existential crisis".

Biden "will focus on the global response to the pandemic, including vaccine production, distribution of supplies" and efforts to fight emerging infections, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Thursday. "They're not transactional. They're not extractive".

The ONE Campaign, a global organisation co-founded by U2 singer Bono, said the G7 members plus Australia had collectively bought almost 1.25 billion more doses than they needed to inoculate every member of their populations against Covid-19. Biden reassured North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies that the USA has their back.

He also told participants that the world was at an "inflection point between those who argue that given all the challenges we face from the fourth industrial revolution, the global pandemic, that autocracy is the best way forward. and those who understand that democracy is essential to meeting these challenges". The Biden administration announced Thursday its desire to reengage Iran, and it took action at the United Nations aimed at restoring policy to what it was before President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018. That determination had been vigorously disputed by almost all other United Nations members and had left the U.S. isolated at the world body.

"The fear is not that we do too much, it's that we do too little", the official said. The Trump administration had imposed the severe restrictions, which essentially confined them to their United Nations mission and the United Nations headquarters building in NY.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that Iran would "immediately reverse" its retaliatory measures if the U.S. lifts "all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or re-labelled by Trump".

"The idea here is to take steps to remove unnecessary obstacles to multilateral diplomacy by amending the restrictions on domestic travel".

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