Mass Effect Legendary Edition May Release Date Confirmed With New Reveal Trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition EA BioWare release date trailer

Mass Effect Legendary Edition May Release Date Confirmed With New Reveal Trailer

S will offer backward compatibility for it. Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes with support for 4K Ultra HD and HDR on compatible consoles, as well as enhanced performance across the board.

The much anticipated, and needed, remaster of the original Mass Effect Trilogy has officially been given a release date, thanks to a new trailer released by EA this morning. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will hit Consoles, including last gen, as well as PC via Origin and Steam on May 14th in all its remastered glory. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will feature the full single player campaigns of the original games as well as all of the original DLC, be it story content, weapons and more. Character models, textures, shaders, and VFX have all been remastered.

BioWare is touting three major things for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The PC version will support high refresh rate and 21:9 widescreen monitors. As the original Mass Effect launched nearly 14 years ago, its remaster is said to give it updated interfaces and controls, and will allow players to use the female Shepard character throughout the entire series.

Gameplay Enhancements for the First Mass Effect Game - Enjoy improved aiming and weapons balance, sound effects, better Mako controls, input/controls, squad behavior, cover behavior, and gameplay cameras. Additionally, there is added detail in locations such as Eden Prime, Ilos, and Feros as part of what BioWare labels "comprehensive world-building enhancements".

As for the character creator, it will offer more for people to do. The Mass Effect UI has also been updated. This is the ending that will be available in the Legendary Edition. You can now pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition, starting at Rs. 3,999 / $60.

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