PolitiFact Is Silent On 'Fact-Check' Backing Cuomo's Lethal Nursing Home Policy

NY deadline to enroll, change political party extended to Tuesday

PolitiFact Is Silent On 'Fact-Check' Backing Cuomo's Lethal Nursing Home Policy

Then it emerged that top Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa had told Democratic lawmakers that the tally of nursing home residents' deaths at hospitals - data that legislators had sought since August - was delayed because officials anxious that the information was "going to be used against us" by the Trump administration's Department of Justice.

State lawmakers have been calling for investigations, stripping Cuomo of his emergency powers and even his resignation after new details emerged this week about why certain nursing home data wasn't disclosed for months, despite requests from lawmakers and others. People in nursing homes are not as conversant and facile on Zooms and on FaceTime.

Gov. Cuomo prefaced his Monday remarks by saying "I understand fully how hard it has been" this past year, pointing as well to the "toxic political environment" in which "everything gets politicized".

"They were answering DOJ and nursing homes in the hospitals were also in the middle of hell and in the middle of a pandemic and they were scrambling and they were managing a crisis", the governor said.

On Monday, Cuomo did not refer to Trump by name when he was talking about the "toxic political environment", but it was clear that's who he was talking about.

Although Cuomo was largely applauded by Democratic leadership early in the pandemic, Stefanik railed against Cuomo, describing him as "the worst governor in America" for how he handled the pandemic.

Given the controversy that has blown up, we're sure that McCain will have much more to say about Cuomo on The View. One percent. NY is 34 in nursing home deaths as a percentage of total deaths.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo extended New York's deadline to enroll in a political party on Sunday.

NY deadline to enroll, change political party extended to Tuesday

The governor said that of 613 NY nursing homes, 365 received a person from a hospital.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James launched an investigation into the nursing home deaths in New York state, finding that the state drastically underreported the number of dead in nursing homes, but up to 50 percent.

"Gov. Cuomo's failure to apologize this afternoon was a shocking slap in the face to the New Yorkers who have lost loved ones to COVID-19", Ortt said.

While Cuomo admitted mistakes, he did not offer an apology.

"He starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes", she said. "And I've said to the people of this state many times, nobody's been here before, nobody knows for sure - COVID is new".

"The void we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism, and cynicism, and conspiracy theories which furthered the confusion", Cuomo said.

"These were the best professionals doing the best they could", Cuomo went on. "No excuses: I accept responsibility for that".

The Governor seems incapable of comprehending that it was his Administration at fault, and nobody else.