Read the Affidavits: Two arrested in Lexington for role in Capitol assault

Zachary Alam

Read the Affidavits: Two arrested in Lexington for role in Capitol assault

Trump fundraising official Caroline Wren, who helped coordinate the rally, was tapped by the Publix heiress to "organize and fund an event on her behalf", the newspaper said.

The daughter of the Publix supermarket chain founder George W. Jenkins, with the help of the conservative radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, allegedly provided the "lion's share" of cash to stage the $500,000 demonstration in Washington's Ellipse where the former U.S. president spoke, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's January 6, 2021, rally that preceded a violent riot in the U.S. Capitol was funded by a small yet prominent group of Trump supporters - one of whom came from a family that owns a well-known grocery chain empire.

Before supporting Jenkins in her fundraising activities, Infowars founder Alex Jones reportedly personally vowed to give $50,000 to reserve the 52-acre park for the event in exchange for the "top speaking slot of his choice", the WSJ reported, citing a funding document.

Fancelli donated close to $1 million to the Trump campaign and Republican Party in 2020, according to the Journal.

Social media drove numerous Capitol rioters to engage in violent actions to overturn former president Donald Trump's election loss, and social media also helped implicate many of them in criminal activity.

A person who went with the two alerted investigators t their role in the Capitol case. It's a populist movement threatening to disrupt the financial system to a degree Occupy Wall Street only dreamed of. However, Trump has been blamed for using the rally to stoke the assault on the Capitol.

FEC records also show that Fancelli contributed almost $1 million to Republican Party electoral efforts in 2020 alone.

Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Mrs. Fancelli is not an employee of Publix Super Markets, and is neither involved in our business operations, nor does she represent the company in any way", a statement released late Saturday said. "We can not comment on Mrs. Fancelli's actions", the company said in a statement released to RT.

Fancelli is the daughter of Publix founder George Jenkins.

In a Twitter post, Publix Super Markets said the violence at the Capitol on January 6 was a national tragedy.

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