Republicans Vote To Convict Trump In Impeachment Trial

Boris Johnson

Trump Impeachement Result A ''Vote Of Infamy In US History'': Democrats

While the majority of Republican senators sided with Trump and backed his acquittal, seven Republican senators joined the Democrats and voted to convict the Republican former president on the single charge.

Given the chance to hold office in the future, they argued, Trump would not hesitate to encourage political violence again.

Despite escaping conviction, Trump was nevertheless condemned by the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, in a statement issued following the trial.

The moves are the latest in a series of censures and disciplinary actions doled out to lawmakers deemed to be critical of the former president in the wake of the Capitol riot, it added. He even noted that though Trump is now out of office, he remains subject to the country's criminal and civil laws.

"He didn't get away with anything", McConnell said. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania. "I voted to convict President Trump because he is guilty".

Trump is the first ever US president to have been impeached and tried twice.

McConnell walks from his office to the Senate Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday.

That the bulk of Republicans backed the former president suggests his enduring influence over the party and its voters. He voted to acquit. But before Saturday, he had said little in public or private about his mindset, and no one was certain what he would decide.

Joe Biden

Another of Mr Trump's lawyers, Bruce Castor, said: "We are extraordinarily gratified that the United States Senate decided, as they did, to protect our constitutional way of life and not go down the road of endless impeachments".

Democrats also warned that if Republicans did not help convict Trump, it would set a risky new precedent where a president could not be held accountable during the final weeks of an administration.

Patrick Leahy, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, presided over the trial. There was also confusion over a call Trump made to senators as Vice President Mike Pence was being evacuated from the Senate, and the House managers agreed to enter a log of the phone call into the formal trial record.

McConnell accused the former president of spreading lies about a stolen election that he knew would stoke unsafe acts by his followers - though the senator said little about his own refusal for weeks to recognize President Joe Biden's victory.

Burr, 65, will not seek reelection next year and will retire.

Outraged Democrats saw the approach as a classic McConnell tactic. He ended up guiding the Senate to victories such as the 2017 tax cuts and the confirmations of three U.S. Supreme Court justices and more than 200 other federal judges.

In fact, a clarion call- and an implicit threat- has already been sounded by Trump supporting Qanon extremist lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene against her own party colleague Jamie Herrera Beutler, who voted to impeach Trump and also disclosed a phone call he had with a GOP Congressman that showed the President implicitly defending the mob attack on the Capitol. The day of the riot, McConnell railed against "thugs, mobs, or threats" and described the attack as "this failed insurrection".

Raskin said he was able to demonstrate the argument that Trump incited a violent insurrection. "Because he was angry he'd lost an election".

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