Sweden to require negative COVID-19 test for arrivals from overseas

Coronavirus 'mutations of concern' found in Bristol and Liverpool

Door-to-door Covid-19 testing launched in England after South African virus variant identified

Alberta also reported new cases of variant infections, which may have triggered an outbreak at a daycare. "Our work suggests the vaccine is likely to be less effective when dealing with this mutation", Ravindra Gupta, the co-author of the study, said.

British health authorities plan to test tens of thousands of people in a handful of areas of England, including parts of Woking, in an attempt to identify positive people and stop a new variant of the coronavirus first identified in South Africa spreading in the community. "It can't keep mutating because it's going to lose the properties of being an all-around transmissible and pathogenic virus".

Dr Julian Tang, honorary Associate Professor/Clinical Virologist at the University of Leicester, said the acquisition of the E484K mutation is "a worrying development, though not entirely unexpected." .

He added that it was essential people "follow the lockdown rule" and get COVID-19 cases down to avoid "opportunities for the virus to mutate further".

"Closing borders/restricting travel may help a little with this, but there is now probably already a sufficient critical mass of virus-infected people within the endemic United Kingdom population to allow this natural selection/evolution to proceed - as this report suggests - so we really need to stick to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions as much as possible", Tang said in a written statement.

UK COVID-19 variant

The Swedish government announced Wednesday that foreign citizens will have to provide a recent negative test for COVID-19 when entering Sweden as of Saturday.

Early laboratory test results of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine showed that it works against the new and more infectious variants found in Britain and South Africa.

Two new COVID-19 vaccines that could be authorized for use include one from Novavax and one more from Janssen. However, the body's immune response may not be as strong.

The council said it will ramp up testing in a bid to "monitor and suppress" the new variant, which is believed to be more contagious.

According to experts, even the worst-case scenario, vaccines can be reformed and tweaked "to better match in a matter of weeks or months", if needed. This just underlines how important the restrictions that we have been following for the past year are, because variant or no variant this is how we will prevent the spread of the virus.

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