Syringe shortage hampers Japan's COVID-19 vaccination roll out

With novel coronavirus cases surging over 50 deaths a day and many hospitals reaching capacity authorities imposed a four-day lockdown from Thursday

Japan set to begin 1st COVID-19 vaccine rollout targeting medical workers - Xinhua |

"We're probably talking August time or September time all done, maybe sooner if we need to", Dix added.

Dix runs the body that decides which vaccines the United Kingdom government should buy, and gave assurances that vaccines would arrive at the rate promised by the government.

"I want to do everything I can to make sure that we can get six doses, considering that there are so many people around the world waiting to be vaccinated, and Japan can't be the one country that is wasting its vaccines", Kono said.

About 15.6 million people in the country have been vaccinated with a first dose and 546,165 with a second dose, the fastest roll-out per capita of any large country.

Muhyiddin will be one of the first individuals to receive the vaccine to build confidence (and also prove it's safe).

"We are following the suggestion of vaccine supplier Pfizer that the second dose be given 21 days after the first".

The 7.3m people across the United Kingdom with significant clinical conditions include any adults suffering with blood cancer, diabetes, dementia, severe asthma, severe mental illness and a host of other conditions.

The CDC data documented the 10 cases of anaphylactic shock among a reported 4,041,396 first doses of the Moderna vaccine

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single-dose vaccine", he said. Similar cases were reported during the vaccine trials for both Pfizer and Moderna ahead of their emergency use authorization.

"The ones that are being rolled off the line at the moment, they are doing very well", Dix told Sky.

"Of course, they could have a manufacturing problem like you do with any manufacturer or anything, but with vaccines being complicated you could have a problem".

"But because we've taken a portfolio approach we've got other vaccines that are going to be approved in the very near future".

Studies have also indicated that the vaccines supplied by the two companies are, on average, 94% effective against the virus.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said vaccinating our quarantine workers is an important milestone in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to outline a route map out of the lockdown on February 22, saying he hopes schools can reopen on March 8.

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