Wayne's World Super Bowl Ad Reunites Mike Myers, Dana Carvey

Party time! 'Wayne's World' are back for a short but sweet Super Bowl

Image Wayne's World Paramount

The term "Super Bowl" is trademarked by the National Football League and can only be used by those who pay top dollar for the right to do so in ads.

The duo then have some fun with the NFL's strict protection of its trademarks, noting they can't actually utter the words "Super Bowl" in the ad.

If Rob Lowe and Tia Carrere rock up in the Super Bowl ad then that's nearly enough to look past the fact that Wayne and Garth have indeed bowed to a sponsor. "NOT", Mike Myers tells the camera.

Myers and Carvey originated the characters of Wayne and Garth - the eccentric hosts of a music talk show - on "Saturday Night Live", before starring in a pair of "Wayne's World" movies during the early 1990s.

Whatever hijinx takes place in this between Wayne and Garth in this Uber Eats Super Bowl ad, its nostalgia will undoubtedly take us back to a simpler time or magically whisk us away to... As shown in the Wayne's World teaser above for Uber Eats, advertisers find a way around that by using other terms like the "gigantic bowl" or the often used "big game".

The clip is just 30 seconds, and mainly revolves around a joke where - for legal reasons - Wayne and Garth can't say they're in a Super Bowl ad.

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