White House: Vaccinating teachers is not a 'requirement' to reopen schools

Anthony S. Fauci wearing a suit and tie Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci participates with President Donald Trump in a roundtable on donating plasma at the American Red Cross National Headquarters

CDC director speaks out on reopening schools

Following Mr. Biden's remarks, Ms. Psaki tweeted that the "goal was to open schools five days a week as quickly as possible".

About 89% of children in the US live in a county considered a red zone with high levels of Covid-19 transmission under new school opening guidelines shared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, according to a CNN analysis of federal data.

The CDC's statement yesterday reverses her statement of February 3, flies in the face of the guidelines she issued last week, and ignores observable data that parochial and other private schools, as well as charter schools, have successfully engaged in full-time, in-person classes for many months and encountered no problems.

Asked to clear that up, Biden said the vaccines would be available to every American "by the end of July this year".

Throughout the House impeachment process and the subsequent Senate trial, Biden largely kept quiet about the proceedings and emphasized instead his focus on his sweeping $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Biden also responded to a question about his Justice Department indicting former President Donald Trump for his involvement in the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

He said: "I've only been president four weeks and sometimes, because things are moving so fast - not because of the burden - it feels like four years. I think a year from now there will be significantly fewer people having to be socially distanced and have to wear masks - but I don't know". "I am prepared to write off the $10,000 debt but not $50 [thousand], because I don't think I have the authority to do it". "I point out to him, no American president can be sustained as a president if he doesn't reflect the values of the United States, and so the idea that I'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in Hong Kong, what he's doing with the Uighurs in western mountains of China, and Taiwan, trying to end the One China Policy by making it forceful, I say - and by the he says - he gets it".

Biden seemed to revel in his first opportunity for extended interaction with ordinary Americans since the inauguration.

"I'm exhausted of talking about Trump", he added as the audience applauded.

He also offered an intimate description of living in the White House, expressing his discomfort with being tended to by staff. A mere mistake by the White House could have been corrected by the White House days ago.

Biden has already backpedaled on a related front.

The US would reassert its global role in speaking up for human rights, Mr Biden said, adding that he would work with the worldwide community to get China to protect them. The House is expected to vote on the measure next week.

Biden landed on a slick, snow-covered tarmac to below-freezing weather about 90 minutes before the evening program.

Biden hesitated to put a timeline on when the pandemic would be over. The White House is also reporting an increase in the administration of vaccines throughout the country after a slow start.

"There is no evidence that they're not helpful", Biden said of the two vaccines approved in the U.S. The virus has killed more than 485,000, and newly emerging variants are complicating the response effort.

A question about his plans to address white supremacy in the nation got Biden to declare "white supremacists are the greatest domestic terror threat in America". "Enough to vaccinate every single American", he told the audience.

Biden's team hopes funding provided in the coronavirus aid bill will help accelerate vaccination production and distribution.

Another winter storm heading our way for Wednesday